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Please ensure that you understand and follow the precautionary measures below...

  • Initial consultation: 

This is completed over the phone with your verbal consent and takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes. This is where I will be asking you lots of questions about the condition you would like to address, your medical history and general health and wellbeing. We will also be completing a consent / screening for Covid 19.

This is to reduce the time you spend in the office and wearing a mask.

When you come into the office we will go through another Covid 19 screening where I will also take your temperature, complete the physical examinations and treat, if all is well.

  • On the day of the face to face appointment:

Covid Symptoms:


If you have any of the covid symptoms (temperature, new and persistent cough or a loss in taste and smell) please do not come to your appointment and inform me as soon as possible so that we can reschedule.

On arrival:


Please text me when you arrive so that I can come downstairs to let you in.

Please wear a surgical mask unless specifically exempt.

Use the sanitiser on entering and leaving the room.

Please wear light clothing e.g. t-shirt & light fabric joggers/leggings. Please note under non-COVID circumstances a gown would be provided for you to undress down to underwear so that I would only uncover the areas worked on. 

If possible, please bring 2 large towels with you in a sealed bag to prevent you from sliding on the bench.

Please do not use the communal toilet except in an emergency.

  • Health and Safety:

Please be assured that I will be actioning the following:

Deep cleaning of the treatment room at the start and end of the day.

PPE will be worn by me - gloves, mask, apron.

Handwashing / use of sanitiser when treating and cleaning the room.

Treatment room will be aired for 30 minutes between patients.

The treatment couch and other areas of longer contact will be disinfected thoroughly between patients.

  • If either of us is diagnosed with COVID:


Should either of us be diagnosed with COVID we should let each other know as soon as possible so that we can both follow government guidelines.