Privacy Policy

Dappled Light Chiropractic is committed to protecting your personal information. Through this privacy policy we hope to explain to you how we will be using your personal data, reasonable steps we take to keep it safe, and how you can exercise your rights over your own personal data.


Processing personal data is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR).

This legislation gives more accountability to organisations which hold your personal data and more rights to you as an individual.


One specific right  - the right to be informed, means we are duty-bound to inform you of how we will use, share and store your personal data.

  • Who are we?


Dappled Light Chiropractic is the data controller (Suite 2, Brighton House, Turks Road, Radcliffe, M26 4PY). This means we decide how your personal data is processed and for what purposes.

  • Whose information does this privacy policy notice apply to?


Information collected from:

 - patients - current, prospective and former.

 - visitors to the website/social media sites

  • What is personal data:


Personal data relates to an individual who can be identified from that data whether that be directly or indirectly in combination with other information. Some examples of personal data we may hold about you include full contact details, and your appointment details.

Special category data is a sub-category of personal data which would reveal racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, the processing of genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, data concerning a natural person’s sex life or sexual orientation and data concerning health. An example of the special category data that we may hold about you include your health data by means of your patient notes.


  • How is your personal data processed?


Your personal data is used for the following:

Please do be aware we are unable to send/receive encrypted emails, as such, any emails with identifiable information sent or received may not be protected when transmitted over the internet. 

- Your name, address, telephone number and email address to make and rearrange appointments.

- Your date of birth will be used for identification purposes for referral to another health practitioner, and to help distinguish patients with the same name.

- Your GP's name and address, with your consent for referrals or emergency contact.

- Your presenting condition/symptom, medical and family history and relevant clinical findings are used for creating a working diagnosis and rationale for care and to plan your future treatments with you.

- Records will be kept of patients' consent to treatment or the consent of next-of-kin to prove informed consent.

- A record will be kept of any reactions, progress, advice and tests performed on an ongoing basis, this is to  provide the most appropriate treatment for your care and to review our treatment strategy. Also to keep a record in the event of criminal proceedings, civil litigation, and insurance claim or complaint. These records are stored in a locked cabinet.

- A log is kept of all appointments for tax purposes and for evidence in the event of any criminal prosecution, civil litigation, insurance claim or complaints.

- Accident records are kept for any patients or visitors involved in accidents at the clinic in line with UK Health and Safety legislation including RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations.

- Marketing materials would only be sent with your explicit consent.

- Complaints: when received we will make a file containing details of the complaint. We may need to provide any personal information collected in relation to complaints to the General Chiropratctic Council and/or our insurance company. This will contain identifiable data of those involved in the complaint. We will only use this information to process the complaint and to check on our levels of service provided.

- If you have a complaint that cannot be resolved to your satisfaction please contact the McTimoney Chiropractic Association located at Hither Croft Court, 7a, Lupton Rd, Wallingford OX10 9BT on 01491 739120.​ They will be able to advise you.

- Enquiries: information received will only be used to process the enquiry and check on level of service provided.

  • Data Sharing:


Information will only be shared with the following:

- named third parties with your explicit consent

- the police or a local authority for the purpose of safeguarding children or vulnerable adults

- your doctor or the police to protect life -  whether that be yours or another person’s.

- my regulatory body, the General Chiropractic Council, or my insurance company in the event of a complaint or insurance claim being brought against me; and/or my solicitor in the event of any investigation or legal proceedings.

- a relevant authority such as the police or a court, if necessary for compliance with a legal obligation e.g. a court order;

  • How is your personal data processed?

Currently 8 years after the last appointment in line with General Chiropractic Council guidelines.

  • Your rights surrounding your personal data:

When it comes to your personal data you have the right to:

- request a copy of your personal data 

- request that we correct any inaccurate information and also request a restriction be placed on processng if there is a dispute - relating to the accuracy or processing of your data.

- withdraw consent to processing data at any time unless required by law

- request that we transfer your data to another named data controller

- request that we erase any data no longer necessary for us to retain - General Chiropractic Council dictates 8 years from last appointment.

- disagree and object to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of scientific /historical research / statistic gathering / direct marketing.

- to be informed of data breaches or loss of data. The Information Commissioner's Office will also be informed where feasible within 72 hours unless unlikely to result in risk.

- lodge a complaint with The Information Commissioner's Office.

  • Contacting Dappled Light Chiropractic about this privacy policy

Please contact us in the first instance regarding your rights / complaints to :

Christine da Silva

Dappled Light Chiropractic

Telephone number : 07887 241 243

Email address :