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  • To my friends and family

Sorry for hiding and not wanting to speak sometimes but when I have crawled out of my little hole  - thank you for putting up with all my anxieties and mental blocks and overthinking, for always being patient with me and all the telephone love during this pandemic..love you all.

  • To Wix.com


Thank you for hosting my website and for all the help from your team who have always answered my queries and encouraged me to continue.

  • To Canva.com

Thank you for the use of all the photos and frames on this website and on my facebook page (except the main picture on the home page.

  • To Snappa.com

Thank you for the use of the pictures and the main picture on my home page.

  • To Pixabay


Thank you for introducing me to Clker-Free-Vector-Images for the fantastic skeleton illustration.